Mobile Application Development Training

This course offers mobile application development for Android and IOS Using IONIC Framework This course is designed for those who are trying to build their career in the mobile apps development area. We are organizing mobile application development training in Bangladesh.

Mobile Application Development for Android and IOS

Course Content

  • Introduction to mobile APP
  • Introduction to and html5 hybrid APP
  • Introduction to IONIC framework
  • Creating development Environment by installing Android SDK, Node.js and Cordova
  • Learning AngularJS
  • Creating your first IONIC APP
  • Working with menu and navigation
  • Working with different component
  • Working with different ngCordova plug-ins
    • Camera
    • SQLite
    • Splash Screen
    • Device Contacts
    • Geolocation
    • Facebook Connect
    • Local Notification
  • Customization APP look and feel
  • Connecting your app with remove API
  • Debugging app with your device
  • Publishing your APP


  • Name: Creating an APP and publish in APP store

Course Schedule

Course Duration : 2 Months

Class Duration : 2 Hour Per Class

Day : Weekly 3 Days

Course Fee

14,500 Taka


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